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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump ran a long time and then suddenly stopped running. This site is close to reaching that stage (ok, it has not been only a month, but it has been really intense, and I'm tired), but it is able to ilustrate a basic point about blogging. The learning curve is very low and the ROI is high, visible and immediate.

Endings have a way of introducing new beginnings. What I see happening in the near future is i) reworking the presentation of this site, ii) the introduction of new blogs with a different focus.

I envision two types of new blogs which will be developed:

One will be a site which aggregates downloadable open source and/or freeware software which can be fruitfully used in Christian higher education. One example would be concept mapping software http://cmap.ihmc.us/, a tool which helps to make student thinking and learning more visible and collaborative.

The other will be an aggregation of visuals which support learning within the seminary. An example would be http://www.bibleplaces.com/, another might be http://www.pohick.org/sts/index.html, and yet another http://www.atla.com/digitalresources

They of course will be linked to this blog to enrich the resources. I trust the thoughts and resources in this blogsite has made a valuable contribution to your ministry.


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