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Sunday, April 10, 2005

What is a "Linkalist"?

I learnt a new word yesterday while reading an article on blogging by Jo Ann Oravec.

Oravec. Jo Ann. 2002. "Bookmarking the world: Weblog applications in education" Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy 45, no. 7, 616-621.

The word??? A LINK-ALIST!

You know what a journalist is - one who researches on topics and write about them. Well a link-alist is one who does research on the web, aggregates links, presents them in an interesting way and provides good insights and critiques on these links.

When you do some reflection, this site has some of the features of the work of linkalism. OK, its not properly benchmarked and standards have not been prescribed nor adhered to, but it's a start.

Click here to see how long ago the term has existed and some history to the birth of the term.

Click here to read more about weblogs.


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