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Thursday, March 31, 2005

3D image (X heads or Digimasks)

What are Digimasks or X heads?

The concept is very simple. Upload a picture of someone (facing forward), click on various parts of the picture, upload a second picture of the same person (side profile), click on various parts of the picture, and then hit the return button to see a finished product comprising of a 3-D image which moves and blinks.

To answer that question, Digimasks and X-heads are basically the same thing with slight differences.

What the Children's BBC had done is to embed Digimask into their website so that you can generate a digimask (or what they call an X-head) on their site.


For those of you who want to create a non-web-based 3D image, download the software and then create the image in your own computer.


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