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Friday, March 25, 2005

Tombstone generators???

Sounds weird but that's exactly what it is. 2 websites that allow you to generate personalized tombstones.

I can think of several ways you can use it to generate conversation starters or class discussions. You can even set, as a piece of homework, an assignment which requires your students to generate a tombstone which will describe what they want to be remembered for beyond the grave.

Here's the first
This is an example of what can be done using this tombstone generator
Tombstone with 2 Tim 4:7 text

Here is another tombstone generator site - this time for a pair of tombstones ("His" and "Hers"?)

What difference does Easter make to the hope and purpose we can have in our lives lived on this side of the grave? How would that hope be reflected in the words found on our tombstones?


Blogger Exhomeless-Guy said...

http://www.SpareSomeChange.com/Funny/ has 50 other sign generators in the complete list ;)

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