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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Creating Comic Characters

This is a site which you can use to create your avatar (an online character or persona). Of course, you don't have to use the characters online, you can created them for Powerpoint, as I am suggesting below:

This are two fun sites which are helpful for creating comic characters real quick.
Hi everyone!
"Hey where are my glasses???"

With this site you can create a character with multiple facial expressions in a very, very short time! The one's you see are shrunk to thumbnail size, so you can actually use them on Powerpoint for the purpose of story tellling. That, I think is the potential of this site. The same applies to the Mr Men characters below (for the younger kids)

Portrait Illustration Maker

Another one - this time in the style of Picasso!

This picture was created in Mr. PicassoHead –in just four minutes !

O, I couldn't resist putting in this picture. I am creating a series of Picasso style pictures to portray contemporary issues faced in Singapore
Current Issues
This one is about self-mutiliation amongst young people. What is the etiology behind the behavior?

For the romantics amongst us, you can be "Picassonova" and create a Picassonovahead on a heart shaped canvas

And another site

Yet another site - this time making Mr Men

How about creating a hero?


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