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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Just one concern. . .

Just one concern: By introducing more creative strategies to reach out to our youth, are we pandering to our young people's consumeristic tendencies (in this case, consumerism in the context of church (religious consumerism) or are we making them disciples of Jesus Christ?

We really don't want the church in Singapore to be as Wang Qing Song (the Chinese avant garde photographer) suggests the church (and other religious institutions) has become in China?

"The Catcher" (Photograph, Wang Qingsong, 1998)

"The Thinker" (Photograph, Wang Qingsong, 1998)

"Requesting Buddha Series no. 1" (Photograph, Wang Qingsong, 1999)

Or has it already become...???

The true test I think will be: Is Jesus or the religious consumer King???


Blogger Timothy P said...

hi sir. contributing to your blog. my blogging experience just started last month too, when i started my first blogsite.

if we were to seriously take the statement "Jesus is King" (vs the religous consumer), things would be a lot different in most of our local churches.

I remember, when our youth group was smaller, and worshipping in a smaller room (now they use the sanctuary), housing about 50-60, there was once the power shorted just before we began. the worship team was panicking, av crew were scrambling, the youths were clueless and restless... truth is, can we still worship God without technology? or electricity for that matter? the answer should be "yes!" guess that's where the spiritual disciplines and practising the presence of God comes in, which sadly many, not just youths, but adults too, in urban societies, lack or fail to develop/grow.

6:23 PM  

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